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Anxious Patients

At Dental Elegance we progress with your treatment at a pace that you are comfortable with so that we can build a trusting relationship with our patients. Past dental experience can be deep seated and cause anxieties that prevent successful dental treatment. Various sedative medications can help to overcome these anxieties.

We can offer all general dental treatment and minor oral surgery (including wisdom teeth and implants) under general anaesthesia or sedation. We use the Day Surgery Unit at St. Andrews Hospital in Toowoomba for our general anaesthetic delivery.


  • What is sedation?

    Sedation or conscious sedation is a method of using various medications to alter your “awake state” to one where you are feeling far more relaxed about undergoing your dental treatment.

  • Who can be sedated?

    There are various techniques, for most dental procedures, that are suitable for patients of different ages. Some medical complications preclude certain techniques as do some forms of dental treatment.

  • What types of sedation are available?

    Oral sedation – a benzodiazepine, as a tablet, is administered 1 hour preoperatively. This type of sedation requires you to have a person drive you to and from your appointment.

    Inhalational sedation - Nitrous Oxide – commonly known as “laughing gas”. This is breathed in via a nose piece attached to you during the procedure. The amount is carefully titrated by the dentist to a level where your treatment can be carried out comfortably.

    Nowadays we have many things at our disposal to make your dental visit far more comfortable than before. Please do not hesitate to talk to any one of us about these options.

General anaesthetic

  • What is a general anaesthetic?

    General anaesthesia is a state of controlled unconsciousness during which you feel nothing. Anaesthetics are the drugs (gases and injections) that are used to induce and maintain anaesthesia. When the operation is finished the anaesthetic is stopped and you will regain consciousness.

  • Who gives the anaesthetic?

    Anaesthetics are only administered by anaesthetists. They are Doctors with specialist training and are experts at looking after patients when they are anaesthetised. The anaesthetist will stay with you the whole time during the operation and will carefully monitor you.

  • Why do I have to go to hospital to have a general anaesthetic?

    Government regulations state that general anaesthesia for dental treatment may only be given in hospital where all the appropriate safety facilities are available. General anaesthetics cannot be given at a dental surgery.

  • How soon will I be able to go home?

    It is essential that you have someone to take you home after the operation. You will usually be allowed to go home with an escort approximately 2 hours after recovery.