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Mouth Guards

There are certain situations where protecting our teeth from damage is essential and mouth guards are one of the most effective ways of preventing dental injuries. You’ll often see professional athletes using mouth guards when playing their sport of choice however, they are also suitable for amateur enthusiasts too.

Mouth guards are popular for:

A well-fitted, professional mouth guard can minimise the trauma to your teeth if you suffer a dental injury, and can prevent tooth loss and other painful problems.

Perfect fit

Having a mouth guard made by our dentists ensures the perfect fit and comfort, making sure it doesn’t interrupt your activities. It also means it is custom-made for your specific needs and the shape of your mouth, with different options available for adults and children. If you are considering the use of a mouth guard, call our team today and book an appointment.

First Aid For A Knocked Out Tooth

Wearing a custom-fitted mouth guard while participating in contact sports can help to protect against painful and potentially expensive dental injuries. If an accident does occur and a tooth is knocked out, this information sheet outlines the first aid steps to take, and how to prepare the tooth for dental treatment. If a tooth is knocked out, remain calm and act quickly. Do the following, immediately: 

Extreme care should be taken with a tooth that has been knocked out. Avoid the following: