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Our Team

Continuing Education

All staff employed at Dental Elegance partake of some sort of training program which will result in a qualification whether it be dentistry based, dental nursing, administration or management. This allows employment progression and improved job satisfaction, which creates a happy working team.

Our service improves by ensuring all staff have the skill and knowledge to offer the highest quality care.

Dr Gregory Hulme–Peake

Dr Gregory Hulme–Peake graduated from the University of Bristol with the Degree of Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 1992. He continued his dental education, studying oral surgery in Bristol Dental Hospital and Morriston Hospital, Swansea. He passed the Primary Examination for Fellowship in Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1994.

Greg achieved Highest Honours in the University of California (Los Angeles)/Global Institute Master Certificate in Implant Dentistry in 2009 and achieved the highest mark in the final examination for the Postgraduate Diploma in Dental Implants (Charles Stuart University) in 2011.

Greg has also completed his Master of Science Degree in Aesthetic Dentistry at Kings College, London, achieving a Distinction. Greg’s passion in dentistry is to achieve the best result possible both functionally and aesthetically, especially the restoring of an extremely worn or tired smile.

Dr Nicola Hulme–Peake

Dr Nicola Hulme – Peake (nee Ashton) graduated from Dundee University in the United Kingdom with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (Commendation) in 1991. She spent a further two years in the dental school/hospital environment developing her knowledge of oral surgery, oral medicine and periodontology before moving into general dental practice.

Nicola migrated to Australia in 1995, initially working in the public health sector prior to gaining permanent residency.

She and husband Dr Gregory Hulme-Peake established Peake Dental Practice in 1999. The practice was re-named Dental Elegance in 2006.

Nicola is passionate about ensuring a visit to Dental Elegance is an enjoyable experience for all patients and a great place to work.

Nicola encourages her staff to set and achieve both personal and professional goals. Nicola continues her own professional development by attending courses in Queensland and interstate, recently gaining a POS Postgraduate Diploma in Orthodontics. Outside of work, Nicola loves spending time with her family and her pets. Being an exercise enthusiast, Nicola enjoys a wide variety of outdoor activities.

Her overall vision for Dental Elegance is to ensure each patient has a positive experience and develop a better understanding of dental and oral health.

Nicola enjoys the challenge of working with phobic and anxious patients as well as children. She has participated in the Colgate Smile Program for disadvantaged children and aspires to become more involved in other charity programs.

Dr Lisa Smith

Dr Lisa Smith joined the team at Dental Elegance in January 2016.

Lisa is a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Oral Health/Graduate Diploma of Dentistry program at Griffith University.

Growing up in Sydney, Lisa decided to get away from the busy city life and has spent time in Ballina and Tweed as well as studying on the Gold Coast before settling down in Toowoomba.

Originally from a research background, Lisa thought that being stuck in a lab all day was not for her and having been a dental assistant for nearly a decade before, and during her duties, she realised that helping people feel more confident about their teeth was what she really wanted to do.

Lisa is interested in all aspects of dentistry and looks forward to working with you to achieve a healthy smile.

When not at work, Lisa enjoys partner dancing, drawing and going for bike rides; exploring all that Toowoomba has to offer.

Our Hygiene Team

Our dental hygienists work alongside our dentists to improve patients’ oral health and awareness of preventive dentistry. They also work closely with Dr Greg Hulme-Peake in his Oral Aesthetics and Implant Clinic to maintain health around advanced cosmetic and implant restorations.

Sophia Wei

Sophia joined the Dental Elegance team September 2012. Sophia graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science in Oral Health from Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand in 2008. Sophia has worked in both public and private sectors in New Zealand and Queensland.

As a dental hygienist, Sophia works closely with the dentist in developing personalised preventative programmes for patients, listening to patients concerns and working with them to improve their oral health. Sophia’s field of interest is in periodontics and orthodontics.

In her spare time, Sophia enjoys reading, classical music, travelling and watching World Rally Championships.

QIP Accredited

Why Choose a QIP Accredited Dental Practice?

Currently, it is not mandatory for dental practices in Queensland to become accredited. The team at Dental Elegance, however, believe that it is essential to not only deliver the best dental care, but also to be responsible and contemplative about all of the processes that concern patient relations, health and safety and legislative governance, and to strive for improvement wherever they see the need.

Being a QIP Accredited practice means that the valued patients of Dental Elegance benefit from a number of governing policies that are put in place to provide a working model for best practice. One such policy, for example, allows us to operate meticulously observed infection control practices whenever you visit. All staff are familiar with the requirements of infection control set out by the relevant governing bodies and receive regular training and updates in this critical area of patient care.

Dental Elegance also prides itself on it’s Workplace Health and Safety standards. A working party made up of staff members consistently review risk management strategies so that patients and staff can be assured that their physical and mental well-being is paramount during their visit.

Accreditation means that all staff members follow strict protocols when it comes to patient privacy and confidentiality. Measures are also in place to ensure that each patient receives information about the treatment they are to receive so that they can make informed decisions based upon that information. Our patients have a voice and are pro-active in their treatment.

We are proud to be a QIP Accredited practice and to offer our patients the very best care we can.

Charity Work

Dental Elegance is a proud supporter of local charities and events and you will often see our banner flying. We give our services to many schools in the area to promote healthy eating and good oral hygiene in an effort to reduce tooth decay in our children.

Dr Nicola Hulme-Peake participates in volunteer programs both in Australia and overseas in an effort to help in the health of more disadvantaged individuals.