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Office Hours


The Treatment Process

New patient visit

At the initial visit our dentists will discuss your concerns, diagnose your aesthetic and functional requirements and make you aware of available treatments. The benefits and limitations of these treatment options will be discussed. There are often several solutions and it is important to fully understand all options that may be available to you.


Diagnosis is the first step in any treatment process. Records may include clinical photographs of your face, mouth and teeth. We may also take impressions, from which models are constructed. These records, in addition to a thorough clinical examination help determine which treatment options are possible.

Trial Smile

When significant changes or a smile design is planned, we often use the "Trial Smile” technique to take the diagnosis a step further. This process involves taking more accurate impressions, recording your jaw joint position, and writing a smile prescription. A “wax-up” of the new smile is built on the models. A silicone copy of this is taken to allow transfer of this information to your mouth. A tooth-coloured acrylic concept of your new smile is then attached to your existing teeth. This is analogous to an artist’s sketch rather than an exact blueprint.

Further investigations

Implant treatment will require a scan to allow assessment of the bone in 3-dimensions. A surgical/radiographic guide is usually constructed from your models prior to the scan. This allows precise placement of the implant(s) from the scan information. A cone-beam volumetric tomogram (CBVT) is available at Dental Elegance. This delivers a much lower radiation dose than conventional medical CT scans.

Treatment plan

The options open to you, the costs involved, the timeframe of treatment, the type of treatment, benefits, risks and limitations will be outlined. The longevity and maintenance requirements will also be discussed.

Advanced dentistry can provide many solutions, some simple and some complex. There is no single solution. Our aim at Dental Elegance is to inform you of the options available that best fit your needs, and to support you entirely in any decision you make about treatment.


All treatment will fail in time, just as teeth deteriorate over time. Active maintenance is paramount to the longevity of restorations. Regular check-ups, excellent home-care and early interventions will extend the life of any treatment provided.