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Trial Smile

Due to the time and financial commitment required when creating a new smile, we felt that it would be great to allow patients to be able to see what their new teeth could look like before we have even started.

That is what we call our Trial Smile

Since we have started this technique ...... patients love the way their teeth could look.

There are photographic techniques and software available that allow digital manipulation of your image. These techniques, although useful, quick and impressive can give unrealistic results and even demonstrate results that are IMPOSSIBLE to achieve. They also do not consider the way your teeth meet and bite together.

The Trail Smile can be as simple as bonding some temporary aesthetic putty to your teeth while you sit in the surgery.

Due to the complex nature of some smile designs. We may not always be able to accurately trial your new smile - if we feel this is the case we will advise you of this at your consultation and discuss the alternatives with you.

(Please note it can take up to 1-2 weeks to prepare your Trial Smile and Dr Gregory Hulme-Peake will not complete smile designs until he feels that your entire mouth is in a healthy and stable condition. This may involve visits with the hygienist prior to beginning any treatment).

Trial Smile

Even if teeth are not prepared, temporaries are usually required. They communicate the proposed changes between you, dentist and technician. We call this a mock-up or a Trial Smile.

How will you know what your new smile will look like?
How long should your teeth be?
How wide?
What shape?
How will the teeth feel?
Can your lips move freely over the teeth?
Will speech be affected?

These temporaries can help demonstrate whether some tooth reduction may be required to achieve the results you want. Alternatively, they can illustrate the compromises that need to be accepted before proceeding.

They allow you to tell us what you like and what you don't like.

Sometimes a trial smile or mock-up can be constructed freehand whilst you're in the chair. This is like an architect's sketch, giving a quick idea of what the smile may look like.

                 Before                               Quick mock-up                      Composite bonding


If major changes are planned, a more complex procedure is required involving a laboratory to make sure that the smile fits in with your bite; or your bite may need to be changed. These changes need to be planned. This process is called a wax-up. The wax-up can then be used to give you a Trial Smile.

                 Before                                Quick mock-up                      Surgical sketch


         Trial Smile during surgical healing phase


               Before                                     Trial Smile                   Ceramic Crowns/Veneers


Photographs are taken and you are free to take these away and show relatives or friends and canvass their opinion. Sometimes you may be able to wear the smile home, but it is only a sketch to start the communication process in Smile Design.