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Smile design

Treatment for veneers begins with diagnosis and smile design. The end result must be visualised. This is often done with a Trial Smile. Photoshop® and other software programs can give dramatic results but they may not be realistic. Relying on a computer program to stick a Hollywood smile over the top of your teeth is fraught with potential complications. You need to feel what the end result may be like, the effect on speech needs to be assessed, and the bite needs to be analysed.

Alternatives and co-treatment

The diagnosis and Trial Smile can often show that the teeth need to be moved to achieve the desired outcome. Teeth that are too prominent cannot be moved back with veneers. Dark teeth cannot change colour with ultra-thin veneers.Thicker veneers are required. The teeth may then become too prominent. Preoperative orthodontics can move teeth into a more appropriate position for veneers, to give a better end-result. Tooth whitening allows thinner veneers to be used.

Also, the gums form the framework for the teeth. Occasionally a gum-lift or surgical correction of asymmetry is required prior to providing veneers.


There are certain situations when tooth preparation is required. The trial smile allows us to remove the absolute minimum amount of enamel to give the desired result. Sometimes no preparation is required.

However, if the no-preparation technique is used inappropriately then plaque and food debris collect at the join, the teeth become difficult to keep clean and the gums become inflammed. This results in an unnatural and unhealthy look.

Tooth preparation allows spaces to be closed with a more natural appearance and healthier gums. Also, if the teeth already have fillings then these should be removed and included in the veneer whenever possible.

No anaesthetic?

Veneers should be bonded to enamel, so the teeth are usually not very sensitive.

Anaesthetic is sometimes required if gum recontouring is to be undertaken.

No temporaries?

A “no temporary” option allows no scope for real-world testing of your new smile. We view the temporaries as a continuation of the diagnostic process and the blueprint for success. It is important for you preview your smile. This includes input from family and friends. We encourage you to trial the temporaries and we will arrange to see you again and discuss any changes you feel need to be made. A smile is very personal. Whilst we are very clear what constitutes an ideal smile it is important that you are happy with yours.

The temporaries serve as a communication tool between you, the laboratory and us.

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